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Ohridska Banka AD (OHB)
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Ohriska Banka AD Ohrid is a universal banking institution that offers a wide range of domestic and international banking services to its clients - legal entities and individuals as well as working with securities. The wide range of Bank offers such as short and long term loans, micro-credit, to enable international and domestic payments, electronic banking, foreign credit lines, credit cards, payment operations in the country and abroad. Besides the central office of the Bank in Ohrid, it has a branch in Skopje and eleven branches throughout the country and in Ohrid, Skopje, Bitola, Struga, Resen, Stip and Strumica. 

Issued shares: 
Ordinary shares: 322,549 
Preferred Stock: 0 
Total: 322,549 

Address: ul.Makedonski  Prosvetiteli No 19 
Phone: +389 46206600, +389 46265330 
latest news

Ohridska Bank reports 27 million denars profit for 2010 - 01.03.2011

Ohridska Banka AD Ohrid announced another good financial year.

The net profit after tax in 2010 totaled 27 million denars, up 10.1% compared with 2009.

In comparison, the net profit after tax in 2009 amounted to 24.6 million denars.

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