Sunday 30 August 2015
Zito Vardar AD Veles (ZTVR)
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Zito Vardar AD Veles

Zito Vardar AD Veles manages with a factory for fodder food, bakery, mill, restaurant and pizza bar and forms a trading chain of 24 retail stores. The company owes a center with 26 cars and car service. Its assortment includes variety of bagels, pasta and cakes. Zito Vardar AD Veles owes seven daughter firms: Zito Malesh AD Berovo, Mak Meso AD Shtip, Vineam AD Vinica, Crveni Bregovi AD Negotino, Zivinokomerc AD Shtip, Zi-Va AD Shtip and Zrnotrejd DOOEL.  



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Zito Vardar reports 2.7 million denars profit for 2010 - 02.03.2011

The increased revenues from the sale were not sufficient for Zito Vardar to make profit at the end of the year.

The revenues from sale at the domestic market increased by 2%, while revenues from sales from the foreign market grew by 7%.

However, income from investments, loans and interest and exchange rate differences (42.5 million denars) made the profit of the company at the end of the year.

For the past year Zito Vardar showed a net profit worth 2.7 million denars, while in 2009 the company had a loss of 7.4 million denars.

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