Saturday 29 August 2015
Toplifikacija AD Skopje (TPLF)
Close: 3700
Daily volume: 478
High: 3710
Low: 3690
52 week High: 4750
52 week Low: 3050
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Toplifikacija AD Skopje

Toplifikacija AD Skopje is a company located in Skopje, which produces and distributes heating energy. Company's whole distributing network is 170 kilometers long. the company also distributes natural gas, construction and installation of central heating network and gas distribution and offer investment programs and complete technical documentation for exploitation of thermal energy, central heating systems, repair and maintenance of equipment for electric measurements and regulation. Toplifikacija owes 20% of the gas central TE-TO that will start working in 2010.


- regular: 450.000

- priority: 0

Total: 450.000
latest news

Toplifikacija reports quarterly profit decline - 04.05.2011

In the first quarter this year Toplifikacija reported decrease of the quarterly profit.

The financial published data for the first three months of this year show that Toplifikacija AD Skopje achieved a total income of 1.150.505.000 denars from sales (in the same period last year the income amounted to 1,029,474,000 denars).

The net profit for Q1 this year totaled 128,371,000 denars or 16,238,000 denars less compared to last year's 144.609 million denars.

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